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Attendance Policy





The parent or guardian is required to notify the Attendance Office (973-7207) of a student’s absence on the same day.  Notes will be accepted the next day (please include a phone number for verification).  The attendance office has voice mail available to take calls 24 hours a day.  Absences will be excused for the following reasons:


  • Illness/Health
  • Doctor/Dentist Appointments (Must have a note from the Doctor/Dentist office)
  • Court Appearances
  • Funeral of a Relative (Unless otherwise approved by Administrators)
  • Religious Holidays (Approved by Administrators)
  • College Visits (Must have a “Request to be Absent” filled out prior to absence)


Any exceptions will be made by the student’s administrator.


Students must check out properly through the nurse or the office when leaving the campus.  When arriving late from any of the above students must check in at the attendance office.


Attendance is taken on an hourly basis and computer-generated attendance calls will be made to the homes of those students missing one or more inexcusable class periods a day.  If there are any questions, contact the attendance office.


For more information, see our complete Attendance Policy here.