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BOE approves middle and high school learning plan for second nine weeks

BOE approves middle and high school learning plan for second nine weeks

The Wichita Board of Education approved a change in the learning model for the second nine weeks for middle and high school students, which begins Nov. 9. Middle and high school students will utilize a Blended Onsite/MySchool Remote model for students who selected onsite learning at enrollment. There are no changes to the elementary learning options for the second nine-weeks.

Blended Onsite would have half the school’s students (Group A) learn onsite on Monday and Tuesday, while the other half (Group B) learn remotely through MySchool Remote. Group B will learn onsite Thursday and Friday while Group A will learn remotely. All students will learn remotely on Wednesday, which will allow time for students to catch up on work, work in small groups with teachers, and/or opportunities for social emotional and mental health support. 

Gil Alvarez, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools, said the pros of the Blended Onsite learning model include five days of learning; class sizes will be reduced; it supports students’ mental health; special education services will continue to be provided; staff and students can continue teaching and learning if they are in quarantine.  The Blended Onsite model would allow a gradual and safe return for students and staff.

Students with IEPs will have access to the same learning models and services will continue to be provided as written in their IEPs, unless the IEP team decides to amend services.

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More information will be shared with families from their schools. The district will send information directly to families on Wednesday, and secondary schools will provide additional details over the next two week prior to the beginning of the next nine weeks on Nov. 9.

In mid-November, parents will have the option to change the learning model preference for the third nine-weeks that will begin on January 26, 2021. At that time, parents may choose to move from MySchool Remote, onsite or Education Imagine Academy.