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Senior Spotlight — Taylor Butler, North High School

Senior Spotlight — Taylor Butler

North High School graduating senior Taylor ButlerThe first time Taylor Butler walked the halls of North High, she felt intimidated. Now, she knows there is no limit to what she wants to achieve.

“When I was in middle school, I was very shy, but when I came to North, I started to get involved in many things, which helped me open up," Taylor said. 

Passionate about music and math, Butler said North provided endless opportunities for her to develop her talents and abilities. She was a part of the choir for four years, Scholar's Bowl and the swim team.

"My favorite memory is Scholar's Bowl. There I met some of my best friends. The atmosphere is incredible and I am very grateful to have had that experience," said Butler. 

It has not always been easy. Taylor tends to stress about things, but the encouragement and support she received from her two favorite teachers changed her life.

"Mrs. Davidson is always kind and supportive. She is someone I can count on if ever I need anything. Mr. Patterson understood me, my ambition, and what school and my grades mean to me and pushed me to keep trying and not give up." 

Something she had never imagined was being part of the swim team.

"That environment is very constructive, although it can be very intimidating; it was a very good experience. My confidence increased, and the support I received was very motivating," Taylor said.

Taylor will attend Wichita State University, where she has already accumulated many credits. She hasn’t decided on a major, but would like to study something in math, science or STEM.

While she's excited to graduate, Taylor is also nostalgic that her high school years are coming to an end. 

"Now I see things with a different perspective. I feel more confident, more me," Butler said.