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North High receives new aerospace engineering program


Airbus, a European multinational aerospace corporation, has partnered with USD 259 to introduce an aerospace engineering program at North High School. Starting the 2020-21 school year, students will be building a plane in the old Dillon’s building located at 13th & Waco.


Approximately 15-20 students will be accepted into the new aerospace program. Half of the students will attend classes, enriched with Tango Flight curriculum, taught by North High teachers. The other half will build the actual plane and switch periodically.

“[The students] will have to have already taken some of the engineering classes [offered at North] so they have a basis for it,” Engineering teacher Hannah Kelderman said.

Students at Maize High School also have this program available to them. According to Air & Space magazine, students at Maize are building a S-21 Outbound, a two-passenger propeller plane. North High is expected to build a similar plane.

The plane will be FAA certified and will hopefully be flown by the end of next school year.

Sadie Millard