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Hamilton Students Learn About Citizenship

Hamilton Students Learn About CitizenshipOfficer Chrisman

 Students from Hamilton had an important lesson in citizenship today from a few people who embody citizenship every day as part of their monthly character education lessons. Wichita City Councilman James Clendenin, Wichita Police Officer Chris Chrisman, Deputy Fire Chief Stuart Bevis along with retired fire dog, Sporty spoke with students about the importance of being good citizens.

Councilman James Clendenin said he wants students to “stand up and let your voices be heard.” Councilman Clendenin explained that it is important to make sure your elected officials know what type of city you want Wichita to become.

Wichita Police Officer Chris Chrisman showcased how the Wichita police do more than write tickets and arrest individuals. They promote community. The Wichita Police Department participates in events from the National Night Out to the Special Olympics.

Deputy Fire Chief Stuart Bevis and retired accelerant detecting canine, Sporty have been a team for five years in which they investigated 200 fires that led to 30 arrests.  Deputy Fire Chief Bevis told students that being a good citizen does not mean that you have to be a public servant like a firefighter, police officer or politician; it means that you are a good person who does good things in whatever you do.