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Students receive Scholastic Art Awards

Students receive Scholastic Art Awards

Several high school and middle school students were recognized for their artistic abilities with the 2017 Scholastic Art Awards.Vases and Metal by Marrena Hang was awarded a Gold key


The Gold Key winners:


  • Allison Magnet Middle: Sierra Flanigan
  • East High: Lauren Arterburn, Trae Couey, Jeffery DuBey, Joshua Hills, Sam Hutchinson (2), Janis Hwang, Lydia Lavacek, Alanna Naranjo, Yasmin Nur, Abigail Petersen, Tudsaley Vongsena, Andrew Waldrip
  • Hamilton Middle: Marrena Heng, Jose Sotelo
  • North High: Ember Alonso
  • Northeast Magnet: Amy Bani-Younes
  • Northwest High: Lauren Anglemyer, Madison Bourn, Courtney Catt, Camryn McReynolds, Joel Rathbun, Annie Sauer, Kaitlyn Scriven (2), Morgan Taylor, Alicia Thurston (2),
  • Southeast High: Scarlet Mitchell
  • West High: Miranda Ralph (3)


The Silver Key winners are:


  • East High: Lauren Arterburn, Jeffrey DuBey, Miranda Fritz, Fiona Gridley, Maya Hall (3), Amira Serenity by Susan Lam, a 12th grader at Southeast was awarded the Silver Key Kamalulrahim, Jackson Laurie, Raelynn McPherson, Alexis Tennant, Kayla Van, Andrew Waldrip, Autumn Weis, Sierra Williams
  • Hamilton Middle: Laila Bagby, Nicole McGilvary
  • Jardine Magnet Middle: Lanna Paul
  • North High: Ember Alonso (2) Ven Valentino
  • Northeast Magnet: Amy Bani-Younes (2), Sarah Clem, Riley Fowler, Grace Haffley, Farhin Khan
  • Northwest High: Logan Bui, Emily Hill, Ben Johnson, Savannah McHugh, Camryn McReynolds, Chase Norton, Annie Sauer (2), Samantha Kyle Summers, Morgan Taylor (2), Alicia Thurston, Guillermo Trevino, Kaitlyn Verdecchia, Jake Wiggins
  • South High: ThuyVan Vo
  • Southeast High: Susan Lam, Zilang Luo, Scarlet Mitchell, Ranissha Smith
  • West High: Ralph Miranda (2), Margaret Stewart (2)


Those receiving Honorable Mention are:


  • Allison Magnet Middle: Madelyn Ramsey
  • East High: Nirvi Ajmera, Renae Anderson, Sydney Beal, Jay Bhakta, Faith Burgar, Jenny David, Marieli Duarte Viguri, Jessica Estrada Cruz, Hayley Fields, Sarah Figueirdo, Briana Gonzales, Timothy Hayes, Sam Hutchinson, Amira Kamalulrahim, Jackson Laurie, Lydia Lavacek, Joshua Lawton,
  • Hamilton Middle: Rain Flores, Marrena Heng, Malachi Love, Kindsey Lowe, Nicole McGilvary, Emily Ruddle, Gabriela Saucedo, Rocky Wells, David Nguyen, Whitney Nguyen, Lori Pangburn, Cameron Splichal,
    Alexis Tennant (2), Tudsaley Vongsena (2), Muted by Autumn Weis of East High was selected as Honorable Mention Autumn Weis
  • Mayberry Magnet Middle: Jolie Chrans, Ruby Ochoa, Jessica Stratton
  • North High: Josiah Connelly, Laurel Franklin, Laura Noordhoek, Ashlyn Page (2)
  • Northeast Magnet: Alistair Ayres (2), Amy Bani-Younes, Analee Barlow, Sarah Clem, Grace Haffley (3), Jonathan O’Brien
  • Northwest High: Kylie Acebedo, Lauren Anglemyer (2) Madison Bell, Robin Bowman, Sage Goering (2), Ben Johnson, Veronica Kempkes, Brooke Peggs, Jenna Randolph, Makrae Rhodes, Jose Rodriguez (2), Alec Schenck, Kaitlyn Scriven, Samantha Kyle Summers (2), Morgan Taylor (2), Alicia Thurston
  • South High: Makayla Prichard, Tabitha Rourke, Alyssa Smallwood, Harley Williams
  • Southeast High: Jack Lynch (2), Scarlet Mitchell (2), Gustavo Sanchez, Adaliz Stuck-Sandoval
  • West High: Ralph Miranda (3), Anthony Moran, Vladimir Nava, Casey Warren  




The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is the oldest and most prestigious recognition program for creative teenagers in the United States. Each work is reviewed by a panel of arts professionals for originality, technical skill, and an emergence of professional vision and voice.


The students’ artwork is on display at the Wichita Center for the Arts, 9112 E. Central, until March 5.  Gallery hours are Tuesday – Sunday, 1 – 5 p.m.


For tour scheduling or more information, call 634-2787 or visit the Wichita Center for the Arts website.