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Senior Spotlight — Kianna Davis, South High School

Senior Spotlight — Kianna Davis

South High School graduating senior Kianna DavisBefore attending South, Kianna Davis was a student in another district. The transition during her freshman year of high school was a significant change. Although she didn't know if she would like it or not at first, now she is convinced that her days as a South High student shaped her for her future and career.

She was involved in basketball, track, volleyball, and other activities such as Student Leadership and AVID. Davis believes that the best way to form relationships and strengthen connections is to participate in as many school activities as possible.

"When you are involved in high school, it is easier to make connections that can eventually help you in life," Kianna said. "Being part of a sports team is like being part of a community; on the basketball team, girls are like my sisters, and I love having that support."

Like many students during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kianna had to learn remotely. While challenging for her, she found a way to continue thriving.

"I took pre-calculus and trigonometry while we were on MySchool Remote. I was struggling, so I asked for help. My teacher, Mrs. VanCleave, was accommodating and helped me after school. In the end, I got an A in that class with college credit," Davis said. "I also took a Forensic Science class and it was very enjoyable, Mrs. Harris adapted her lessons to a remote learning experience and were a lot of fun."

Another of her favorite classes was Gastronomy, "my mother has a catering business, so we always spend time in the kitchen baking cookies and all kinds of food, whenever I was getting ready for my class she would always ask what I was preparing and we had a lot of fun" Kianna commented.

One of her favorite South High memories is AVID.

"I love being in AVID because it makes me feel truly college-ready. Especially when we do activities to develop critical thinking skills," Davis recalled.

In the fall, she plans to go to Wichita State to study Computer Engineering.

"It is the future; it will always be progressing and changing. I want to be at the level of Katherine Johnson and work for NASA, Google, or Microsoft.”