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Freshman Information

Good morning class of 2024 and welcome to South High School,

On behalf of the entire staff, we would like to officially welcome you to a new school year and this year’s virtual freshman orientation. Things obviously look different than they have in years past, but we are eager and ready to have you be a part of our Titan Family.  We request that you watch two videos introducing you to some of the staff that is here to assist you, as well as get you familiar with the building. Please take a moment to view both of those videos by clicking on the following links:

2020 South High School Welcome video

2020 South High Building Tour video  

In addition to watching the previous two videos, please take a moment and read through the Q&A section of the attachment. This will hopefully clarify some lingering questions you might have, as well as give you some important details for the upcoming year.

What happens if I need to enter the building for any reason? You will have to go through the COVID safety protocols to enter South High School. This will include: Getting your temperature taken, wearing a mask, being asked COVID questions, and being checked into the HallPass visitor management system.

How will I know what classes to be in?

You should be able to look up your schedule on Synergy and view your classes. Teachers should also be sending you Microsoft Teams invitations to your assigned class by hour assigned.

How will my classes function online?

Most classes will take place through Microsoft Teams. Your teachers will provide you with more specific details on how each individual class will function remotely.

What happens if I need to change my schedule?

Please contact your alpha administrator administrative assistant and they will get you in contact with your assigned counselor.

Who are some important people to know?

Cara Ledy

School Principal


Melanie Kiser

Head Counselor


Johnny Martin

Athletic Director


Cleola Brewster



Shannon Neal



Mallory Padilla

Social Worker


Jill Marzolf

School Psychologist


What is Titan Time and how will it function?

Titan time is a period at the end of the school day in which you can receive extra help from teachers for your classes, as well as utilize this time to prepare for the next day. Your Titan Time teacher will provide you with more specific expectations and structure for remote learning.

Who do I contact if I have questions about athletics?

Please contact our Athletic Director, Johnny Martin at He will be able to answer your questions or help with your concerns.

Who do I contact if I am having technology issues?

You may begin to contact your assigned administrative assistant and they can direct the issue further if needed.

Who is my assigned Administrator, Administrative Assistant, and Counselor?

Last name:                          Assistant Principal:         Administrative Assistant:             Counselor:

A-D                                      Brian Hutton                      Tonya Redmond                              Tammy Kniffin

E-K                                       Lisa Orsak                         Frances Clements                           Megan Hoadley

L-R                                        Aaron Lechien                   Lucy Ramirez-Flores                        Cody Dickman

S-Z                                       Kimberly Baldwin               Tamie Arehart                                LaSharn Bell


What happens if the building is completely shut down again due to COVID?

In the case that South High School is completely shut down due to COVID reasons, further instructions will be communicated with all families and students.

What if I did not get all my textbooks or supplies during device and supply distribution?

Please contact your assigned administrative assistant and we will be happy to help you.    

How long will I need to be online and in classes everyday?

The start of the school day begins at 8:00 AM. The end of the school day stops at 3:10 PM. Please see the bell schedule for the first nine weeks below.

What needs to happen to be a successful freshman?

Be on time to your classes. Do not procrastinate your work.  Be polite to your peers and teachers. If you are unsure about something, please ask for clarification or help.

Please know that we are here to help you. We will do everything we can to make this a successful year for you, and a great beginning to your high school career. Thank you for being patient, as well as understanding in this unique time. We are very glad you are here!

If you have any other questions, please call the school at 973-5450.

Welcome to the South High School Titan Family!