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Employees recognized for forty years of service; a look back

Employees recognized for forty years of service; a look back

This year, the Wichita Public Schools will recognize 505 employees for their long-time dedication to our district. One of those employees is completing her 40th year of service. Click here to see the name of that dedicated employee.


What was happening in our district 40 years ago during her first year on the job?


  • Alvin E. Morris was in his 10th year as superintendent of schools.


  • The price of a school lunch for elementary students was 60 cents and milk was six cents a carton.


  • The board applied for $1.1 million in federal funds to build a new kitchen, which when completed, would prepare hot food for all elementary schools (except where students visited another school for lunch) and for seven junior highs.


  • After a year of attending classes in portables and old homes, students at College Hill Elementary began the school year in a brand new building. It was one of two new elementary schools completed as part of the district’s $30 million bond project. Colvin Elementary opened later that school year.


  • In 1977, Earhart became an environmental magnet Working with school officials, local, state, and federal agencies, an environmental outdoor classroom area was designed for the north part of the school ground. As a unique alternative school, students were allowed to work at their own pace. There were no grade levels and no report cards. Instead, students were evaluated on specific skills and grouped according to their aptitude in each subject area.


  • In the spring of 1978, Sunnyside Elementary School principal Leicle Bostic, was named the Reading Teacher of the Year by the Wichita Council of the International Reading Association. The former Kistler Elementary School was renamed after him in 1994 as the Leicle Bostic Traditional Elementary Magnet School. Bostic’s family established a foundation that supports education and Mrs. Bostic continues to visit the school every year at Christmas time, reading to kids and donating books to the library.


  • At the end of the school year, Meridian Elementary School was closed as an attendance center but was reopened in January 1979 as a second campus for the Metro Alternative High School.


Employees who celebrate their 20-, 30- and 40-year anniversaries of service this year were invited to the district’s Retirement and Longevity Banquet. If you have any questions about your years of service, please contact Diana Price, Human Resources Records Technician, 973-4625.


The annual publication listing all of the longevity honorees and retiring employees will be distributed in May.