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Road Closures beginning January 14

Important Project Updates:

Monday, March 18th

Poor weather conditions last week did not allow the closure of Pawnee seventy feet west of Greenwich.  This work has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, March 20th and is planned to be either reopened on Friday, March 22nd or may remain closed to install the large storm sewer box crossing near the same location and reopen March 30th.  This decision will be made next Tuesday after results of water tests are known.  I will send another email notification early next week announcing the decision on the closure duration.


Tuesday, February 27th

The closure of Greenwich south of Pawnee will be reopened today.

Next Monday, March 4th, Pawnee will be closed at Crest Street for a large waterline crossing.  This closure will take place for about two days and is scheduled to be back open on Wednesday, March 6th.  All eastbound traffic on Pawnee will be detoured northbound on Greenwich to Harry.  There will be no access to Pawnee from Crest and Berkshire Streets during this closure.


Tuesday, February 19th

The closure of Greenwich Road south of Pawnee has been postponed until next Monday, February 25th due to weather delays and is anticipated to be reopened to traffic by Thursday, February 28th.

Friday, February 15th

Greenwich Road is back open to northbound traffic only between Pawnee and Harry and will stay northbound only throughout the construction of the project.  Pawnee is east bound only approximately 700 feet east and west of Greenwich.

Next Tuesday, Greenwich Road will be closed south of the Pawnee intersection for a large water line crossing.  This closure will take place for about three days and is scheduled to be back open by the weekend, February 22nd


Monday, February 11th

West-bound Pawnee is scheduled to be closed starting today just east of the Greenwich intersection. 

Greenwich will be closed Monday, Feb. 4, between Mt. Vernon and Funston to install new drainage structures under the roadway.  The closure is expected to last one week, then Greenwich will be open to northbound traffic only between Pawnee and Harry for the remainder of the project.

Pawnee will be eastbound only within 700 feet east and west of the Greenwich intersection beginning next Wednesday, Feb. 6, for reconstruction and will stay one lane eastbound only until the new intersection work is complete.

Advance notification message signs are being used in advance of traffic changes. 

Thank you for your flexibility!


Bruce Deterding

BEGINNING TOMORROW, Tuesday Jan. 29 through Thursday Jan. 31:

  • Vernon will not have access on to Greenwich
  • Funston will be open to Greenwich
  • Traffic on Greenwich will be open in both directions north of Mt. Vernon
  • Traffic on Greenwich will be southbound only south of Mt. Vernon

 Pearson Construction is trying to keep us informed as their work changes.  Thank you all for your patience through this project.


The City plans to begin reconstruction work on Greenwich between Pawnee and Harry on Monday, January 14th.  The work will last several months into the fall.  During construction, Greenwich will be one way northbound only and Pawnee will be one way eastbound only.  There will be times when the entire intersection at Greenwich & Pawnee will be completely closed in all directions.  Pearson Construction should contact me within 48 hours of this happening and I will pass that information along as I receive it. 

The county is still working on the bridge near Pawnee & 143rd so traffic leaving Southeast will need to travel north or south on 127th since westbound Pawnee will not be an option and eastbound Pawnee is closed before you reach 143rd.

During today’s meeting, it was learned that not all of the utilities had been re-routed yet so the start date of Monday the 14th might get pushed back.  I will keep you posted.  Thank you.

Bruce Deterding - Principal, Southeast High School

Greenwich will be three lanes between Pawnee and Harry with a center left turn lane.  The intersection will be 5 lanes in each direction with left turn lanes.  Click to see map design of Greenwich & Pawnee