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Standardized High School Fees

Dear High School Parents,

Whether you have a student just beginning their high school career or your student is returning to high school, we look forward to welcoming you very soon. In preparation for enrollment, and because we’ve been listening to parents about simplifying the fee-payment process for students, I’m excited to let you know about a streamlined fee-payment process for all high school students for the 2019-20 school year.

Families will continue to pay fees through MyPaymentsPlus during the online enrollment process – this isn’t changing. What we have done is simplified the online system.

When you pay student fees for your student, you will see only one required element: Textbook and Student Materials. Fees collected help cover some of the costs for textbook rental, curriculum, consumable supplies, technology, agendas and similar materials unique to each student. Class fees no longer apply!

Additional costs may be incurred during the school year should a student desire a yearbook, activity tickets, parking pass, or want to purchase school spirit wear, play an instrument or obtain vocal music dress wear. Graduation fees would be handled separately near the end of the school year.

Certain programs at certain high schools may have additional program fees that would be collected separately. Examples of such programs include the Advanced Placement Program, the IB program at East, the EMT Program at South, the Excel in CTE Program through WSU Tech, and the Magnet program at Northeast Magnet. Some CTE classes may request extra project fees to cover specialized materials, but a student’ inability to pay will not impact the student’s grade.

The Textbook and Student Materials fees will be as follows, based on a student’s meal status:
If student meal status is Full-pay: $150
If student meal status is Reduced-pay: $75
If student meal status is Free: $20

For families who desire consideration for free or reduced Textbook and Student Materials fees, the Meal Benefits Application and the Consent for Disclosure form must be completed. Both are estimated to be available online by July 17th.

Should you have any questions about the online fee payment process or additional cost items at your child’s school, you may contact your high school office beginning July 25, 2019. We look forward to serving, supporting and educating your child as part of the Wichita Public Schools’ secondary school community this year!


Gil Alvarez
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Schools

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