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High school enrollment fee process streamlined for 2019-20

Wichita high schools will roll out a streamlined fee payment process for all high school students during enrollment this fall for the 2019-20 year.  Families will continue to pay fees through the MyPaymentsPlus system, but there will be only one required element for all students called Textbook and Student Materials. That fee encompasses items such as textbooks, student ID and lanyard, locker fees, technology fees, agendas and other items.

There will be separate fees for programs such as CTE or AP classes. Additional items like yearbooks or parking passes will be purchased separately.

The Textbook and Student Materials fees will be based on a student’s meal status:

If student meal status is Full-pay: $150

If student meal status is Reduced-pay: $75

If student meal status is Free: $20

Parents who have questions about the online fee payment process or additional cost items can contact the school before the end of the school year or beginning July 25, 2019.