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WPS and Wichita Public Library partner to provide secondary students library eCards

The Wichita Public Schools and the Wichita Public Library have partnered to provide middle and high school students access to library eCards. The eCards allow students access to the library’s collection of eBooks, audiobooks and research databases to assist with projects. Students will also be able to use the Book-a-Librarian service for one-on-one support with library staff and have access to computers, wifi and printing at all Wichita library locations.

Parents have the option to sign their child up for the free eCard during online enrollment. Parents will receive follow up information via email from the Wichita Public Library to begin the process. Once the process is complete, a student can access the library though the Rapid ID portal.

WPS Deputy Superintendent Gil Alvarez, Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple and Wichita Public Library Communications Specialist Sean Jones announced the partnership during Mayor Whipple’s weekly community briefing on July 14.

“Overcoming barriers of transportation that some of our students have had in order to get to a public library branch, combined with fingertip access to quality reading and research material, will be a game changer for Wichita students,” said Alvarez.

WPS plans to grow the partnership to include library access to elementary students in the coming years.



July 14, 2022