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WPS Strategic Plan, Volume 2 – Future Forward!

WPS Strategic Plan, Volume 2 – Future Forward!

Strategic Plan - Future Forward Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Tiffinie Irving gave an update on the WPS Strategic Plan at the April 8 Board of Education meeting. The WPS Strategic Plan – Every Student Future Ready, was approved on April 9, 2018 and rolled out at the beginning of the school year. BOE members heard what has been accomplished related to the plan so far and were shown new measures of success for the four long-term goals.

Click here to watch the video highlighting achievements of the first year of the Strategic Plan’s implementation.

The district’s work has focused on our four Long-Term Goals:

  1. Increase the high school graduation rate.
  2. Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency.
  3. Increase the percentage of students completing dual credit, concurrent credit, industry certification or other college and career readiness opportunities.
  4. Ensure that schools are trusted as safe places by students, parents, staff and community.

The first goal to increase the graduation rate has been articulated with the statement: By 2023, high school graduation rate will increase from 74% to 80%. Indicators of success will include implementing behavior supports through positive relationships and expectations; increasing academic rigor; and reducing academic, behavior and attendance disparity.

The goal statement for increasing reading proficiency will be defined during the 19-20 school year.

The third goal to increase industry certification and students completing college credit will be measured with the statement: By 2023, the number of graduating seniors who complete a rigorous career pathway or certifications through CTE will increase by 10%, from 897 currently to 986. Some success indicators include secondary students planning for their future using Xello, the increase of 9th graders completing Algebra I and partnerships for students to participate in internships and job shadowing.

The fourth goal to ensure schools are trusted as safe places will be measured by this statement: By 2023, an approval rate of 90% or higher from staff, students and parents will be achieved and maintained in all safety categories. Indicators of success in this area include implementing behavior supports; increasing the efficiency of system operations; and improving the turnaround time in all system applications for employees entering the district.

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