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New Calling Prompt at Hamilton

Hamilton's New Calling Prompt

In efforts to give a great customer service experience the calling options for Hamilton has now changed. When you call into the main line 316-973-5350, after the 1 for English and 2 for Spanish, please listen carefully for the option you may need.  We have explained the options in more detail below:

  • Press 1 -for Attendance and Enrollment Questions (if you need to call in a student for illness or late or if you have questions regarding enrollment and special transfer)


  • Press 2 –for Student Services or Transportation Questions (if you have a message for your student, your student’s teacher, messages for Vice-Principals, or transportation questions choose this option.)


  • Press 3 -for Family engagement and Calendar events (Family Engagement questions or questions about any school events coming up choose this option)


  • Press 4 -to reach the Cafeteria Manager (Lunch balance or payment questions choose this option)


  • Press 5 -for School Bookkeeper (to reach the bookkeeper for fees or other payment questions, or to message Mr. Kasel choose this option)


  • Press 6 -for the School Nurse (if you are trying to reach the school nurse, choose this option)


  • Press 7 -to reach the Counselor (to reach one of the counselors choose this option)


  • Press 8 -to reach the Social Worker (if you need to reach the social work choose this option)

The first 3 options will always get you the office, please try to choose the option that best suits your needs to avoid being transferred. All options have a VM set up for you to leave a message if no one is available to answer your call. In most cases, if the call is during our hours of operation 7:30am-3:50pm you call will be returned the same day. If you call after 3:00pm, your message may not be delivered to your student. Thank you for your cooperation.