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Volunteer Spotlight: Wayne Davis

Volunteer Spotlight: Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis helping a 5th grade student

If you walk into Ms. Davis’ 5th-grade classroom on any given day, odds are you will find her father, Wayne Davis. That’s because Wayne volunteers nearly every day at Irving Elementary. He helps in whatever way the students or staff at Irving need.

“He runs papers off, staples and cuts. He does everything around here. He even hung the hooks in the halls for the students’ bags,” Valerie Davis said of her father.

Wayne also works with students on their reading and math skills.

“Math and reading are two things that students really need help with. So I will take half a dozen or so students and we will go out to the hallway and help them with their reading and math. If they can read, they can do anything,” Wayne said.

Wayne has been volunteering for nearly 10 years at Irving Elementary.

“After I retired, I was looking for something to do. Val said ‘I need help up here.’ She works 12 to 14 hour days every day. She comes in at 7, when school doesn’t start until 9 and doesn’t get home until after 6.  A teacher goes to school to be a teacher, but there is so much other work, like paperwork that has to be done. So it shortens her day by a couple of hours by me coming to help.”