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Senior Spotlight — Mia True, Northeast Magnet High School

Senior Spotlight — Mia True

Northeast Magnet senior Mia TrueMia True, a senior at Northeast Magnet High School, wants to be a caterer and she said being visually impaired isn’t going to stop her.

After graduation, she will go to Kansas State School for the Blind for their transition program. Once she completes the program, she will attend a new Culinary Arts program offered through a partnership with WSU Tech and Envision. She has already taken three classes with WSU Tech that assess if she’s a good fit for the program.

“You get to work with chefs and learn beside them,” she said. “They advocate for us and tell employers that yes, we can work around sharp objects and we can work around a stove. We just need it in a certain way to help us navigate around the kitchen.”

“I love to make all sorts of foods, that’s why I want to be a caterer.”

“I’m looking forward to my culinary journey after graduation,” she said.

True says her favorite part of high school is hanging out with her friends. She said she also is thankful for her teachers in the Visually Impaired programs at Cessna Elementary, Truesdell Middle School and Northeast Magnet for their encouragement.

“Sometimes they would nag me to get my assignments done,” she laughed. “But that’s a good thing because that helped me be successful.”


Posted May 10, 2022