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Senior Spotlight — Cristina Deloera, East High School

Senior Spotlight — Cristina Deloera

East High School senior Cristina DeloeraCristina Deloera, a senior at East High School, credits getting involved in AVID when she was in middle school to helping her get into college. She said when she was in seventh grade, she was hanging out with people who didn’t have goals for their future and she said she didn’t either. After she joined the AVID program, she realized she had the potential to realize her dreams.

“I knew I could do something with my life because with AVID, I was surrounded by people who wanted me to reach my potential,” she said. “My AVID instructor, Michael Williams, really inspired me. He was the roots to my growth. When you’re inspired, you want to change the world.”

She said continuing to be involved in AVID while at East pushed her to take honors and AP courses. She was also in Wichita State’s Upward Bound program, which prepares first-generation and limited-income students for college. 

Deloera’s hard work has paid off. She received a Dell Scholarship, the Kansas Hispanic Education and Development Foundation scholarship, and a scholarship from Butler County Community College. She said having her education paid for is a big relief.

She plans to attend Butler Community College in the fall to study to become a nurse. She wants to get her Masters in Nursing and work in Wichita after she receives her degree.

“My mom struggled with her health and I would go with her to appointments to help translate. I was inspired by the nurses and how they helped people. I realized I wanted to become one,” she said.

“I like helping others. I volunteer for the American Red Cross, for East’s Turkey Drive and other things. I want to continue to volunteer in my community after I become a nurse.”

“It’s been a long journey to get here, and I want to inspire others with my story.”