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Senior Spotlight - Gumaro Ortiz, North High School

North High Senior Gumaro OrtizGumaro Ortiz is a senior at North High. After attending Cloud Elementary and Pleasant Valley Middle School, Gumaro found his place at North.

“I liked arriving to class and focusing on my work because it really pushed me to do many things, and it helped me change over the span of four years,” Gumaro said.

He has learned that even when things seem difficult, it is always best to keep your head up and look ahead.

“You have to keep going. There is no other way to go but up.”

Gumaro was a member of the Hispanic Honor Society and the school band. He has a passion for aviation, and attends WSU Tech classes in aviation which will give him extra credits that will help him have a head start next year.

One of the things he would like to recommend to future high school students is to join AVID.

“I was in AVID since 7th grade, and it helped me a lot,” Gumaro said. “You might think it is so hard but at the end it pays off because it gives you a better idea of what college is going to be like.”

Gumaro is very grateful to his teachers because he always felt their support and encouragement.

“Every time they saw me turn something in, they would be very supportive and recognized the effort I was putting in and motivated me to keep going. That is something I will hold in my heart forever.”

His dream is to become a technician in aviation.

Watch Gumaro's Senior Spotlight video.