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Senior Spotlight - Tiahna Turner, Northwest High School

Northwest High School senior Tiahna TurnerTiahna Turner, senior at Northwest High School, feels proud to be chosen as the Senior Spotlight for her school. This honor means a lot to her because she has faced many personal challenges this year. Her counselor and teachers have supported her, and their recognition shows they truly care about her achievements.

Tiahna started at Northwest High School in her junior year. It was a big change because she didn't know many people. But she joined the volleyball team, and her friend Alex helped her adjust. By her senior year, she felt connected to her classmates and teachers. She thinks Northwest is a great school with a great environment, and she always has fun at the games.

She balances work and school while being the only girl among her six brothers.

Her AVID class helped her prepare for the future, like applying for scholarships and staying focused on her goals. Her teachers always encourage her to do her best.

Her favorite class is AP Literature. She didn't like English before, but this year her language arts teacher, Melissa Buteyn, made a big difference.

“Mrs. Buteyn is strict but in a good way. She always works with me and I like how she makes English fun”, said Tiahna.

After high school, she wants to become a cosmetologist. She loves doing hair and makeup, not just for herself but for her friends too. She also loves art and enjoys being social and active. Helping people feel better about themselves is important to her.

In ten years, Tiahna sees herself owning a successful business in the beauty industry and expanding it worldwide. She is excited about the future and determined to achieve her dreams.

Watch Tiahna's Senior Spotlight video.