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Board of Education and SEIU agree on tentative salary and benefit package for two employee groups


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For Immediate Release:
September 12, 2017


Board of Education and SEIU agree on tentative salary and benefit package for two employee groups

The Wichita Board of Education and the Service Employees International Union (Local 513) have reached tentative agreements on the 2017-18 salary and benefit package for SEIU and the Uniformed Security Officers and Security Dispatchers groups.

Highlights include:

  • 3.75% salary improvement;
  • One step on the salary schedule;
  • Unfreezing longevity pay for years of experience;
  • Movement on the career ladder if employees are eligible and qualify; and
  • No changes to the employee health plan premium

The package for employees is valued at 4.35%.

“Recruitment and retention of high-quality staff is the Board of Education’s top priority for investment of additional state funding this year,” said Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson. “I’m pleased we were able to offer this strong compensation increase to our service, security and dispatch employees in order to recognize the valuable contributions they make every day to the success of Wichita Public Schools students.

“We are appreciative of the cooperative spirit and positive working relationship we have between the Board of Education and SEIU. Our collaboration is essential to support student success,” Dr. Thompson added.  

“SEIU members are thrilled that the district’s new money is coming back into classrooms and salaries. We are pleased with the package, and fulfillment of the Board’s promise to make compensation a priority,” said Esau Freeman, business representative for SEIU Local 513.

Mike Rodee, Board of Eduation President, said, "I'm happy that we can finally do something for our employees. It's been a long time coming, and though they certainly deserve more, the Board is pleased that we can do what's right and invest in our employees through salary increases."

SEIU members will vote on this tentative agreement on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Following member ratification, the Board of Education will give final approval to the agreement on Oct. 2, and employees will see the salary increase on their Oct. 13 paycheck.

SEIU Local 513 represents more than 2,000 classified employees in the district, including custodians, clerical staff, paraprofessionals, Nutrition Services and school service center employees.




For more information, contact:

Susan Arensman
News and Media Relations Manager
Wichita Public Schools

Esau Freeman
Business Representative
SEIU Local 513
(316) 617-1581