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Twenty-eight students recognized with 99% Awards

Twenty-eight students recognized with 99% Awards

Fall 2019 99% Award receipients Twenty-eight students were recognized by the Board of Education during the 99% Awards ceremony on October 7. The 99% Awards recognize middle school and high school students who are making a contribution to their school and serve as a role model to their peers, but who may not be getting the recognition they deserve for doing the right thing. They represent the more than 99% of the students in the Wichita Public Schools. Click here to see photos of each recipient 

Click here to watch the 99% Awards ceremony.

“These students are making contributions to their school and making an impact in the classroom, but they don’t always draw attention to themselves, and we want to make sure they are put in the spotlight,” said Assistant Superintendent Gil Alvarez.

Front row left: Ciscileigh Wycoff, Gordon Parks Academy; Brianna Gomez, Christa McAuliffe Academy; Ka’aila Adams, West; Lunley Williams, Horace Mann; Joanna Garcia-Ibarra, Truesdell; Gloria Amaya, Brooks; Lacey Parmenter, Wichita Alternative; Marlene Favela-Zuniga, Marshall; Celine Hoseah, Stucky; Adeline King, Allison and Lillian Bui, Mayberry.

Back row left: Christopher Do, Curtis; Sol Salas-Gonzalez, Hamilton; Alex Reynolds-Pettis, East; Quincy McCarther, Mead; Roneeka Stewart, Dunlap; Aundrece Swan, Wilbur; Kooper Gates, Hadley; Lane Yee, South; Christopher McPhaul, Northeast Magnet; Jayden Garnes, Pleasant Valley; Collin Laws, Robinson; Hallee Hartley, Northwest, Nina Ho, Jardine; Jamir Johnson, Southeast and Armando Dominguez, Coleman.

Not pictured: Randy Le, North and Adrian Patterson, Heights. 

The 99% Awards are sponsored by Butler Community College.