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Midwest Dairy Council grant helps add smoothies to secondary breakfast menus

Midwest Dairy Council grant helps add smoothies to secondary breakfast menus 

Breakfast smoothies Thanks to a grant from the Midwest Dairy Council, students in the district’s 23 middle and high schools will soon be able to enjoy a smoothie as part of a healthy breakfast. 

The Innovative Breakfast grant, which the district received at the end of last school year, enabled the district’s Nutrition Services department to purchase immersion blenders to help start a smoothie program in middle and high schools and to either start or help enhance grab-and-go breakfast and second chance breakfast programs in 13 middle and high schools. 

The smoothies are made using vanilla, low-fat yogurt and then a variety of different ingredients such as fresh fruit and granola are added to create flavors such as peanut butter and jelly, peach, mixed berry and banana and apple greenie made with kale and fresh apples. 

Students can purchase the smoothies for $2 or through their school meal program. 

“Smoothies are very popular right now and our secondary students really enjoy them,” said Grace Liss, assistant director of Nutrition Services for Wichita Public Schools. 

Patty Leary, café manager at Northwest High School, has already seen an increase in breakfast purchases since she began making smoothies available to students. 

“The kids absolutely love them and it has increased participation in breakfast in our main café and on our food carts,” said Leary. “The staff also loves the smoothies and it’s been a win-win situation for everyone.”