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How employees are notified if there is a snow day

How employees are notified if there is a snow day

Winter weather can mean changes in school schedules. WPS staff will be notified of a change in schedule through Outlook email, and phone and text notifications. Different weather events create different employee reporting requirements. Employees will receive specific work and reporting instructions through Outlook email and the ParentLink phone system. The information will also be posted to the district’s website. Certain employees with unique emergency roles will be contacted through their direct supervisor.  

Staff should make sure their primary and secondary contact numbers are current in PeopleSoft to receive phone and text notifications for weather updates or other emergency communication. Employees can update their information by signing into PeopleSoft,, using their district username and password. Click here to learn how to sign up for text messages in PeopleSoft.

Decisions to close schools due to severe winter weather are based on a number of variables including actual and projected snowfall, icing and wind-chill factors, ability of the bus fleet to transport students, and assessment of street and road conditions, including snow/ice treatment and removal. Power and heat to buildings are also considered. A decision to cancel school will be made no later than 5:30 a.m. on the morning of a school day.

More information on the district’s weather procedures can be found at