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W-2 electronic form consent and a chance to win

W-2 Electronic Form Consent and a Chance to Win

All employees who received a paycheck in 2019 will have a 2019 Form W-2 prepared no later than January 31. Since many people now file their tax returns online and paper copies of W-2 forms are not required by the IRS, employees can choose to only receive an electronic Form W-2. By signing up, employees have the security benefit of no longer receiving a paper copy in your mailbox, and will help save the district thousands of dollars in printing and mailing costs.

All employees who consent to receive their Form W-2 online only by January 24, 2020 will be entered into a drawing to receive one of ten $50 gift cards. Many thanks to our district’s banking partner, Commerce Bank, for their sponsorship of this initiative.

The IRS requires that employers receive an employee’s written consent to provide an electronic Form W-2. To consent, follow these steps:

Log into Peoplesoft

For security purposes, employees will be asked to enter their district password again to verify your identity. You will receive acknowledgement that your request has been processed, and following your submission, you will receive an additional security email to your district email address. Contact the Payroll Department at or 973-4574 with questions.

Employees who have consented to receive an electronic form in prior years do not have to consent again. Every employee who has consented, past and present, will be entered to win.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in this district initiative.