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Temporary Leave and Vacation – What’s the difference?

Temporary Leave and Vacation – What’s the difference?

Most eligible employees receive temporary leave time and some eligible employees receive temporary leave and vacation days.  Below is an explanation of the two types of leave.

Temporary Leave

Employees are eligible to accrue temporary leave days if they are working at least half time (0.5 FTE or greater) in a permanent position. Temporary leave hours are awarded in a lump sum at the beginning of each school year. There are different absence reasons available for temporary leave, and you may click on these links for more information for Certified employees or Classified employees. Unused temporary leave hours at the end of the year will accumulate without limit. Upon separation of employment, if an employee has been employed for five consecutive years or is at least fifty-five years of age, all unused temporary leave will be compensated to the employee at a rate of $30 per day.


Classified and administrative employees in the 220, 225, 230, and 260 day calendars are eligible to accrue vacation days. Vacation hours are awarded on the first of each month, and employees may accumulate up to 320 hours each year. After July 1 each year, any vacation hours over 320 will be moved to the employee’s vacation bank and can no longer be used. Upon separation of employment, vacation hours up to 160 are paid out at the employee’s regular rate of pay. Any hours over 160 and all hours in the vacation bank will be paid out at $30 per day.

Leave and vacation time can be viewed in Peoplesoft under My Time.  Please feel free to contact the Payroll Department at or 973-4574 with any specific questions regarding your temporary leave or vacation benefits.