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Jackson Elementary art project provides mentorship opportunity for Northeast Magnet art students

Jackson Elementary art project provides mentorship opportunity for Northeast Magnet art students 

Northeast Magnet art collaboration project with Jackson Elememtnary Drawing and painting art students at Northeast Magnet recently had the opportunity to mentor to fourth graders at Jackson Elementary thanks to a unique art project between the schools’ art teachers. 

Northeast art teachers Jennifer Larsen and Meredith Radke-Gannon reached out to Jackson Elementary art teacher Tayshaw Long-Nail last fall and asked her to have students create a monster-themed project.

Long-Nail had student taught under Radke-Gannon. 

The Jackson students had to create a monster, provide details such as the environment it lived in, its name and a story about the creature. Students created a drawing of the creature based on their story. 

In October, the Jackson students’ stories and artwork were shared with Northeast students from NEM who were tasked with providing their own artistic interpretation of the elementary students’ work. In March, the interpretations were returned to the Jackson students. 

Northeast sophomore Natalie Yeager Interpreted fifth grader Navoni Bradley’s artwork. 

“I loved seeing how the little kids used their imagination in creating something,” said Yeager. “I miss having that huge imagination.” 

Bradley was impressed with how Yeager interpreted her artwork. 

“I was really excited. She did a really good interpretation; I like the way she did it.” said Bradley. 

Long-Nail was especially pleased with how the project turned out. 

“I thought the artwork that came back was so cool and I was super excited to share it with my students,” said Long-Nail. “It was awesome to see what my students created and to see how it was interpreted.”