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District staff asked to offer feedback on budget spending reductions

As WPS prepares for next fiscal year’s budget, budget reductions are needed due to declining enrollment, staffing levels not aligned with the enrollment decline, ESSER COVID relief funding ending in June 2024, inflation, ongoing maintenance issues and other factors. 

Principals and department leaders have been asked to conduct Restorative Practice Circles with their staff and colleagues through December to give employees an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about the budget reductions. Employees will be asked to provide feedback on what initiatives and programs they feel should be continued or expanded, and what should be reduced or discontinued for cost savings.

Employees who are not comfortable with sharing their thoughts publicly in front of their peers or directly with their supervisor can provide feedback online.  Click here to provide feedback.

“From a district level, we felt it was important to hear all of the voices from the field, to engage you in the conversation, and to hear your ideas about who we need to be moving forward,” said Superintendent Kelly Bielefeld in a video to staff. “While these conversations can be difficult, these challenges are also an opportunity for us to come out better and stronger as a district.”  Click here to watch the entire video.

Updates on the budget process will be shared throughout the spring semester.