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Amazing Turnout for Fall Choir Concert

As Marshall’s school year is starting, so is a new era of the Choir program here at school. New and old comers are learning new techniques to show off our talents in upcoming concerts. Students are to place their materials on the shelves on their right when they walk into room 105 and then find their seats based on their vocal skills and what type of vocalist they are. Once Mr. Caldera starts the signal to sit up, we can get started to warm up on different skills, such as using up your head voice and matching your voice to every other student. The energy found in the class makes everyone feel more open and welcome to express themselves as they please as Mr. Caldera tries to help us feel as comfortable as possible. Hand signs are a key part of the class, we must learn how to use these hand signs while reading notes, singing, and snapping on rests. William, a student in the same choir class as me had mentioned how he felt about the class, he had said that the class seemed fun, yet may change as the year goes on. Near the end of the year we will end up having a field trip for our dedication to our skills and talents and for attending concerts, Mr. Caldera will decide to reward us with a field trip based on either a majority vote by students or he will decide on what he feels most comfortable about the location.