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Mr. Cole's Mandarian Class Presents at Botanica Gardens

This is when we went to the Botanica Gardens and sang In front of everyone for a field trip. When we got there, we sat for a bit, then they announced we could eat. Everyone went up and there was a long line of people wanting their Chinese food. In the middle of all of our eating, they announced we were gonna sing now. When we heard that we all got up and went to the front. Mr. Cole and the lady both said something about us singing in Chinese. They then put our song in the background for us, then they had us sing. After that, they put it on again so everyone could sing with us. Everyone had a good time singing but the song ended and we went back to our seats and continued eating. Once we did that they had little girls dressed up and dancing in front of us. After that, they had a group of ladies do a dance and then they had everyone come up and teach them to do the same dance. Then, to celebrate the holiday, people went up from each table to grab a moon cake and share it with the people at that table. As soon as everyone was done the people there said we could go outside and look at the stuff there. Everybody burst out of the door and started to look around at the beautiful places. In one of the parts, people were able to go up to a pond with fish, buy some fish food and feed it to the fish. For the final thing, we took a group photo and grabbed some food to go, then went home.