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Ms Penna's Students Do Their Best on the Test

.When you go into math class, Mrs Penna has her own group and people work in the back doing worksheets and after they’re done with that they get on IXL. Each day she changes her small group. In her small group, you get your notebook and she gives you a sheet to glue on your notebook. Then she talks about it on the smartboard and we write our notes down while she explains it to us. Then we take the Diagnostic on I- ready. If you take the Diagnostic seriously, it will help you get better at math. It can give you hard and easy problems. If you don't know the problem, just take your time. When you are done taking the Diagnostic test, it will give you lessons to work on. Some people can finish the Diagnostic early, some can take longer and you have to take your time to finish it because if you do it really fast, it can give you problems you already know. You can also take notes so you can remember the problems that you take. Remember to do your best.