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Looking for the Newsletter?

In an effort balance our desire to keep you uptodate on all the happenings and events at Mayberry and reduce costs and go "greener"; the Mayberry Newsletter will no longer be sent out in the format you might be accustomed to receiving.

Check out the PARENTS link at the TOP of the Webpage and look for NEWS from the TEAMS

Instead, we will be utilizing our website and multiple social media feeds; along with periodic parent links to keep you informed, connected, and engaged with us here at Mayberry.

We are excited to be considered one of the innovators and leaders in using social media and the web as a tool to connect with and engage parents.

You can follow us and receive information about events and keep informed on the goings on in and out of the classrooms here at your student's home away from home on the following sites:

Twitter :  @MayberryMMS
Facebook:  Mayberry Cultural and Fine Arts Middle Magnet School
Instagram:  mayberrymagnetms

Thank you for sending us such amazing students and allowing us the opportunity to help them succeed!