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Freundly Reminder: First Week of School

The First Day of School is FINALLY HERE!!!


We are excited to show you how hard we have worked to make this strange year as "normal" and as educational as possible.  We know there will be issues. The tech will glitch. The internet will drop. Confusion will happen.


But it's ok.


We are all in this together as one big Robinson RAM-ILY!


Important UPDATE- If you choose MySchool Remote and will not be attending school in person this fall, then you may have a HOLE in your TEAMS where on of your electives is supposed to be. We are experiencing an issue with these exploratory classes and as a result, they are not yet “live” on your student’s Teams pages. They will be activated this week, but they may not be active TUESDAY. We will mark you present until the issue is resolved and students can use that time to either take a break from the screen fatigue or work on any assignments. We apologize for the issue and will work quickly to get them “activated”.




Info You NEED To Know

  1. We will begin our day at 8:00 and end the day at 3:10
    1. A Video to help you get started -->
  2. Have your student login to our Portal first as it is the hub for USD 259 educational apps for students.
    1. In an internet browser, type
    2. To log into the Rapid Identity portal, students will use their pupil ID number and password.
  3. Students will log into Teams to attend classes virtually.
    1. Access Teams by clicking on the Teams tile through Rapid Identity.
    2. Sign-in using the pupil ID in an email format (Ex. and password.
  4. Once there, they will select their FIRST HOUR class
  5. Students will then select the JOIN/MEET NOW button on the top right by 8:00.
  6. The Teacher will admit them from the Waiting Room/Lobby
  7. Students will then have 1st and 3rd Hours followed by LUNCH/CHARGE
  8. Lunch/Charge begin at 10:58 and works on the following schedule
    1. LUNCH is on your own and students can log off. We encourage them to get up, move around, eat, and find ways to be a little active
    2. CHARGE is a class you must JOIN/MEET
    3. 6th Grade and ALL PIB Students
      1. CHARGE Class 10:58 - 11:38
      2. LUNCH 11:42 - 12:22
    4. 7/8th Graders
      1. LUNCH 10:58 - 11:38
      2. CHARGE Class 11:42 - 12:22
  9. Afternoon classes will resume at 12:26 with 5th and 7th Hours
  10. The day will conclude at 3:10



The First Days Of School and Open House Videos can be found here


Info You Might WANT To Know

What Do I Do  If...

  • My Computer Won't Let Me Join The Class or I constantly get disconnected?
    • Call 973-8600 and let us know so we can mark you PRESENT and not absent
  • If my student is ill and will not be in class and logged on?
    • Call 973-8600 just like normal. Be prepared to answer a short COVID related survey.
  • If my students does not have internet access or a device yet?
    • Call 973-8600 and order a MiFi Device if you do not have internet. You can come up to school between 11-200 to check out a device if you have yet to do so.


Where To Get HELP