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Senior Spotlight - Samantha Sanchez, Sowers Alternative High School

Senior spotlight - Samantha Sanchez, Sowers Alternative High School 

Samantha Sanchez After a rough start in high school, Samantha Sanchez found her place at Sowers Alternative High School and is now preparing to graduate.

Samantha came to Sowers in her sophomore year after having some personal challenges and found that the alternative school setting was a better fit for her.

“The teachers here really showed they cared for me,” said Sanchez.

She bonded with an English and history teacher at Sowers who supported her along the way.

When asked what she has enjoyed most as Sowers, Sanchez says it’s been the friends she’s made and “getting to be myself.”

Principal Jacqueline Hultman says Samantha has overcome many obstacles in her life and has developed a great empathy for others and has strong leadership abilities.

“Our staff enjoy her awesome sense of humor,” said Hultman.

Samantha plans to take a year off after graduation and wants to become an adolescent therapist for teens going through mental health issues.