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Senior Spotlight – Chloe Wiley, Northeast Magnet

Senior Spotlight – Chloe Wiley, Northeast Magnet

Chloe Wiley Chloe Wiley describes herself as an outgoing student who is very involved in school. But that wasn’t always the case.  She had a rough start to high school. When she was in 8th grade her older sister, who was a senior at Northeast, died from an infection following a surgery. Chloe was very distraught and wasn’t motivated to do anything when she came to Northeast as a freshman.

“I did kind of give up at that point, wondering if I should even attempt to finish high school and graduate,” she said. “I didn’t think I could involve myself in school anymore.” 

She relied on Carissa Wissman, Northeast’s counselor, for support as she was dealing with her grief.  

“She would reassure me that I was going to push through,” Wiley said. “She would say, ‘I know it’s hard and you want to give up, but I see so much potential in you and don’t give up on yourself.’ That made a huge impact on me. She’s been my rock.”

The family established a scholarship in her sister’s honor for any Northeast student who wants to go into the medical field that they have given out the past two years. Wiley, along with her mom and Northeast principal Matt Creasman read over the applications. She offers suggestions as to who may be best suited for the scholarship.

Chloe is now very involved in school, especially choir, theatre and clubs. She works with freshmen to get them involved at Northeast to help them feel comfortable during their first year of high school since her freshman year was rough.

She plans to go to Butler Community College in the fall.