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Senior Spotlight - Madison Hill, Heights High School

Senior Spotlight - Madison Hill, Heights High School

Madison Hill Madison’s home life was rough. She spent time in foster care and when she would go back to living with her parents, other problems would arise. She’s now living with her grandparents, which has helped her find some stability.

“It’s been a rough journey, but I’m glad that I actually made it this far. I’m proud of myself for that,” she said.

She thanks her psychology teacher, Nathanael Harvey, for inspiring her and supporting her with her classes.  

“He led me in a good direction. I’m grateful for that because I never had a teacher care about me like that,” she said.

“He’s almost like a father figure by how much he’s helped me with what was happening in my life by guiding me and giving me honest feedback. He’s made a huge impact on my life.”

“When I didn’t have shoes or I didn’t have clothes, Mr. Harvey was always there to help me,” she added.

“I feel like if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here right now getting ready to walk across the stage to get my diploma.”

Madison plans to attend Fort Hays State University in the fall and major in psychology. She said her psychology class with Mr. Harvey sparked her interest in that career field.  She would like to be a criminal psychologist or child psychologist in order to help others.