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Senior Spotlight – Kaitlin Grimes, Wichita Virtual School

Senior Spotlight – Kaitlin Grimes, Wichita Virtual School

Kaitlin Grimes Katilin Grimes came to Wichita Virtual at the beginning of her junior year. She was attending school in another district and got pregnant. She decided to enroll in Wichita Virtual so she could finish her credits early and stay home to take care of her child.

“The teachers have all been super supportive. They want us all to succeed,” she said.

“I worked hard to get ahead while I was pregnant so I could graduate,” she said. “After I had my little one I really focused so I was able to graduate early.”  

Kaitlin was the first Wichita Virtual graduate this year, completing all her credits last semester.

“It feels great to graduate. I’m so excited. I worked hard for this and I want to show my son that someday he’s going to do the same thing and go on to college just like me and do great things.”

Kaitlin currently works as a certified nurse’s assistant. She plans to start taking classes next month to earn her medical assistant certification. Her goal is to become a registered nurse through Wichita State.