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Former student credits teacher for challenging her in high school

Former student credits teacher for challenging her in high school

Teachers Chasmyn Lindeman-Thimesch and Chris Kemp Cloud Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Chasmyn Lindeman-Thimesch credits her Heights High School U.S. History teacher Chris Kemp with giving her the confidence to challenge herself in high school.

“I remember being in U.S. History and having Mr. Kemp talk to me about enrolling in Honors U.S. History and AP U.S. History,” Lindeman-Thimesch said. “I was really surprised at how well I did in those honors classes and how much has stuck with me,” said Lindeman-Thimesch.

She ended up getting a 4 on the AP U.S. History test, enabling her to qualify for college credit for the course.

Lindeman-Thimesch says Kemp’s encouragement led to her taking other higher level classes in high school after seeing the success she had in his courses.

“I would not have taken Honors and AP English if he hadn’t reached out to me like he did,” Lindeman-Thimesch said. “For him to notice that I had something that I could apply to other courses means a lot.”

Kemp says hearing Lindeman-Thimesch talk about the impact he had on her as a student is gratifying.

“I remember she wrote me a card at graduation that said my encouragement was the first time somebody had told her she was smart,” said Kemp. “That surprised me because I could see that she was a good writer in my class and it seemed obvious to me that she should be in honors and advanced classes. It’s always great to hear that you’ve had an impact on a student.”

Lindeman-Thimesch now teaches social studies in her own classroom and often thinks back to the history lessons she learned from Kemp.  

“Social studies is the most fun for me to teach because we get to do a lot of projects,” said Lindeman-Thimesch. “I also use a combination of visuals and discussions and bring things into the classroom to help my students learn.”