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State Testing

Students will be taking state assessments during the month of April.

  • 8th Grade Science - April 6-7 - In-person students
  • 6th-8th Grade ELA - April 13 & 15 - In-person students
  • 6th-8th Grade Math - 20-21 - In-person students

On April 14th all in-person students will be remote. All remote students will come to Truesdell to complete their state assessments.

Additional Information for Remote Students

The Kansas State Department of Education expects all eligible students to participate in state assessments. However these assessments cannot be administered remotely. Because your child attends school remotely, he/she has the option of coming to the building to take the state assessments. Students will be expected to wear masks and disinfectant will be provided.

The date for testing is Wednesday, April 14.

Remote students need to attend in person, your student will spend a full day onsite (lunch is provided).
If your student qualifies for a bus, we can arrange for bus transportation.

If your student lives less than 2.5 miles away from Truesdell, you will be responsible for dropping off your student at 7:45 and picking him/her up at 3:10.

Students will be escorted to their 4th hour classroom for testing. 8th grade students will enter at the south entrance, 7th grade students will enter at the main entrance, and 6th grade students will enter at the north entrance. See the map under school news.

What student needs to bring: district-issued device, earbuds, pen/pencil face mask, water bottle

For questions call (316) 973-3900.