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Truesdell Parent information


Pick up and drop off times and locations – North end is for 6th grade drop off, Main entrance is for 7th grade and South end is for 8th grade. Please stay out of bus lanes (see map)

Breakfast and lunch – Breakfast and Lunch is free for all students this year. Breakfast will be grab and go and they will eat in their 1st hour class.

Dress code – Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for school. No pajamas, slippers or under garments showing. No tube tops, midriff shirts or short shorts. Administration will make the final determination for all dress code issues.

Student ID’s – will be issued during the first 2 weeks of school. Once issued, they must be worn at all times while at school or at a school sponsored activity.

Cell phones – we are not responsible for lost or damaged cell phones. They are to be brought at the risk of the student. Cell phone use is not permissible during class time. They maybe used during the student’s time at lunch.

School supplies – pens, pencils, paper, refillable water bottle, masks and earbuds. We will provide clear backpacks for all students. If you want to purchase your own backpack, it must be clear.

After School Program – ASP will begin September 20th. It is an afterschool program that includes tutoring and fun activities. It runs M-Th from 3:20-5:00pm.

Important phone Numbers

              Main office – 973-3900

              Nurses’ office – 973-3895

              First Student Buses – 832-9231

Mask recommendations – It is strongly recommend that students wear masks while in school.  All visitors including parents must wear a mask while in the building. 


Entrance Map

Entrance Map