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Important Update to our SCHOOL UNIFORM- Navy, Khaki, & White

GPA Uniform Policy 2022-23  (Updated)

We are simplifying our uniform policy. Limiting it to THREE colors- Navy/Blue, White, and Khaki ONLY.

ALL GPA  students (including preschool students) are required to wear a school uniform every day. If students arrive out of uniform, they will be given clean, uniform-approved clothing to wear while at school, or their parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing.  If clothing is provided, students must return the uniform clothing in exchange for their personal clothing.

Shirts must have a collar (like a polo, golf, or dress shirt) and be solid white, light blue, or navy blue. All students may wear GPA school spirit shirts in any color.Uniform

Sweaters/sweatshirts must be solid white, light blue, or navy.
Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers, capris, and dresses must be solid navy, or khaki. Students may wear navy, white, or khaki tights/leggings ONLY under skirts/shorts — not by themselves.

All clothes must fit appropriately (no baggy or drooping pants, short shorts/skirts, low-cut shirts, etc.).

Students may not wear jeans, sweatpants, hats, hoodies (unless GPA school hoody), flip flops, sandals, or house slippers.

Do not wear

Please call if you have any concerns about finding or paying for a uniform or order online at