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BOE looks at feedback – develops superintendent profile

BOE looks at feedback – develops superintendent profileSuperintendent qualities infographic

Board of Education members looked at community and employee feedback to help shape the superintendent profile as it plans to open the application process to internal candidates next week. The BOE looked at results from the KASB superintendent survey, feedback from different stakeholder meetings that were hosted by BOE President Sheril Logan, and qualities the BOE members shared that they would like in a superintendent. Click here to watch video of the meeting.

Brian Jordon from the Kansas Association of School Boards shared results of the KASB survey. He shared that more than 2,500 people completed the online survey. Those who completed the survey included teachers, administrators, community members and students.

The KASB survey’s top priorities for the superintendent’s personal qualities include: a “kids first” personality, a relationship builder and someone who’s transparent. The top priorities for the superintendent’s leadership qualities are being an advocate for the district on a state and federal level, someone who understands and recognizes diversity within the district and someone who has a vision for the future of the district.

Survey respondents also valued hiring someone within the school district, someone with previous superintendent experience and someone with experience with business and operations of the district. Common themes from the open responses included improving staff morale, dealing with budget issues, collaborating with the community and supporting students from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic challenges.

Click here to view the KASB Survey results.

For the past couple of weeks, BOE President Sheril Logan met with different groups to gather feedback on what they feel are important characteristics and priorities to consider when looking for a new superintendent. Logan met with United Teachers of Wichita, Service Employees Union, Business and Education Alliance, New Teacher Induction participants, Distinguished Classroom Teachers, school administrators and staff from the Administrative Center, Service Center, IST and Dunbar. All groups’ feedback had common themes, including having a superintendent who is honest and credible, someone who is an excellent communicator, who has experience with the budget and has teaching experience.

BOE members talked about how the KASB survey and stakeholder feedback have similar responses, which helps them craft the superintendent profile.

“This process was important because it gave people a chance to have a voice and be heard,” Logan said.

Click here to view the feedback from stakeholder meetings.

The BOE looked at a draft report of superintendent characteristics that was developed during their January 23 BOE meeting. The BOE met with Dr. Michael Casserly, Executive Director of the Council of Great City Schools, to develop priorities for a superintendent profile. BOE officers Sheril Logan and Barb Fuller will take feedback they received to add to the superintendent profile.

Click here to see the Superintendent Profile approved by the BOE.

The BOE plans to have the finalized Superintendent Profile and Superintendent Application online next week. The BOE will open the search to internal applicants first.

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