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CFO says planning for next budget year is “a waiting game”

CFO says planning for next budget year is “a waiting game”

Chief Financial Officer Susan Willis told the Board of Education that budget planning for next year is a waiting game. She said while it’s good that the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that school funding from the state is inadequate, it doesn’t solve the budget challenges for next year.

“Even if there was a consensus in Topeka for a new tax plan and a new school funding formula, we couldn’t get that money into a pipeline fast enough for next year,” said Willis.

She said the Kansas State Legislature has to come up with a new school funding formula by June 30 and the biggest problem is that the State of Kansas is broke, with budget shortfall of nearly $600 million for next year.

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Willis estimates $8.2 million in fixed cost increases that will have to be cut from next year’s budget which includes increased costs in utilities, transportation, fuel, software, property insurance and continued funding of steps and tracks given to employees last year, which was previously funded with one-time money that is no longer available. The estimated increases do not include possible changes to the school calendar or possible wage increases, which adds to the total amount needed to be cut in other areas to balance the budget.

Willis said that no decisions have been made yet, but the longer the Kansas State legislative session goes, the more likely that decisions will be made later in the year.

The BOE discussion on survey feedback for next year’s calendar will occur after Spring Break.



March 13, 2017