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Colvin students' project on elephants is one they’ll never forget

Colvin students' project on elephants is one they’ll never forget

Colvin Elephant Project Third-grade students at Colvin Elementary had a writing project on elephants they’ll never forget. The students learned how African elephants from Swaziland were brought to the Sedgwick County Zoo.

“If they hadn’t come here, they would have died in Swaziland because there was no food or water,” said student Natalie Gutierrez. “I wrote that the zoo will take really good care of them, just like all the other animals.”

“The students really enjoyed this project. I had students who don’t like to write be excited to write about the elephants,” said Darla Brown, third-grade teacher. “It just shows that if you can make a connection with your lessons, students will flourish.”

The students wrote papers about how the elephants arrived in Wichita, opinion papers on how they felt about the elephants coming to the zoo, slogans and posters about saving elephants and thank-you letters.

“We got to write to the King of Swaziland and thank him for the elephants,” said student Samuel Sosa.

“It was cool because I’ve never written to a king before,” said student Phung Dinh.

Colvin students raised more than $700 to become the elephants’ “Zoo Pal” and are planning a field trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo in April to see them. The students also enjoyed reading the book, Elephants on Board, which chronicles the elephants’ journey from Swaziland to their new home.

The overall focus of the project was about beliefs and how they affect their actions.

“They are very passionate about this project. They still talk about it,” Brown said.