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BOE discusses a possible July shutdown

BOE discusses a possible July shutdown

The Board of Education discussed the possibility of a shutdown in July as Kansas lawmakers continue to try to come up with a funding formula and school finance bill. Chief Financial Officer Susan Willis shared that there are still many unknowns concerning school finance discussions in Topeka.

“Even when a school finance bill is passed and approved by Governor Brownback, the Kansas Supreme Court has to decide whether the funding formula is adequate,” Willis said. “The Supreme Court gave the state until June 30 to adopt a school finance formula that provides adequate funding.”

Superintendent Allison said as the June 30 deadline approaches, there are concerns about a possible shutdown in July.

“This is like tornado season – we’re told the conditions are perfect for a tornado, but we don’t know if it’s going to touch down and if it does, we don’t know how much damage there will be, but we have to be prepared,” said Superintendent Allison.

There are three potential scenarios: business as usual, partial interruption of services, or a full shutdown. Superintendent Allison said the district will stay with business as usual unless the district is notified otherwise. A potential shutdown will have a potential impact on our employees, summer programs, getting ready for the new school year and possibly the start of school in August.

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“For now, we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,” Allison said.