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Twenty-seven students recognized with 99% Awards

Twenty-seven students recognized with 99% Awards

99% Awards Twenty-seven students were recognized by the Board of Education during the 99% Awards ceremony on February 25. The 99% Awards recognize middle school and high school students who are making a contribution to their school and serve as a role model to their peers, but who may not be getting the recognition they deserve for doing the right thing. They represent the more than 99% of the students in the Wichita Public Schools. Click here to see photos of each recipient

Click here to watch the ceremony.

Front row left: Cherish LyDay, Gordon Parks Academy; Kevine Tchoukedjoup, Christa McAuliffe Academy; Sage Moughan, Southeast; Ricardo Machado, Truesdell; Que’dun Edwards, Robinson; Nayeli Derath, Northwest; Adriana Martinez, North; A’Dion Galindo, Mayberry; Owen Brown, Stucky; Jade Guerrero, Hadley; TaNayaih Hunt, Curtis.

Back row left: Christopher Proctor, South; Coilin Baross, Pleasant Valley Middle School; Madisyn Nistas, Wilbur; Irina Cook, Jardine; Braulio Araujo Regalado, Horace Mann; Tommy Moon, Dunlap Transition Campus at Chisholm; Adia Khamchanh, Allison; Tessa Nolen, Northeast; Kaelyn Hannah, Heights; Angelique Gray, Coleman; Gary Rabourn, East.

Not pictured: Osvaldo Alvarez, West; Jessica De La Cruz, Marshall; Chanteria Jones, Hamilton; Jordan Padfield, Brooks and Elpidio Vargas, Mead.

The 99% Awards are sponsored by Butler Community College.