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Dr. Thompson gives an update on the Strategic Plan priorities during COVID

Dr. Thompson gives an update on the Strategic Plan priorities during COVID

At the Feb. 8, 2021 BOE meeting, Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson gave an update on the district’s strategic plan, which highlighted the ways WPS has remained focused on strategic plan priorities as we have responded to the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Thompson talked about how the Strategic Plan is built around providing each student with an innovative and rigorous educational experience and how the pandemic challenged the district. The BOE’s decision to focus CARES dollars on digital equity has been transformative. WPS deployed 49,000 computer devices to students and provided 14,000 families with home internet access through mifis or with internet built in. WPS was also served 1,700 prek – 12 grade special needs students on campus in the fall to meet their needs.

Dr. Thompson thanked community partners who donated masks and school supplies, and assisted with meal distribution to support our students and to ensure our schools were safe spaces. Community partners also collaborated with our Instructional Technology Department to provide “Ed-Ventures” virtual field trips to engage our students. Since March, WPS has used communication to build trust through more than 6 million contacts through ParentLink, and more than 1.6 million Teams meetings.

Dr. Thompson praised staff, students and parents who showed resilience and perseverance during this difficult year.

“It really is extraordinary when you think about the learning curve we all have faced, and the tremendous growth we’ve all experienced this year in ou r efforts to do the very best we possibly can to educate and inspire WPS students,” Dr. Thompson said.

Click here to read the presentation. Video of the BOE presentation and discussion can be watched here.