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Cadets share success stories at Superintendent’s Breakfast

Cadets share success stories at Superintendent’s Breakfast

2018 Superintendent's Breakfast honoring JROTC and leadership cadets JROTC and Leadership Cadets shared stories about how being involved in the program has helped them in school and in life during the annual Superintendent’s Breakfast. Cadets from middle and high schools shared personal reflections on how the program helps them prepare for their future, helps with their leadership skills and improves their academic focus.


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“The experiences our students have in JROTC and leadership is far from simple; indeed it is life-changing,” said Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson. “These students are role models and inspirations to us all.”

Among the student speakers were Cadet Lt. Colonel Grant Harter, a senior at Southeast High School and Deputy Corps Commander.

“There’s one thing you need to know about JROTC,” said Harter. “It produces leaders and citizens.”

Harter explained how joining JROTC helped him learn time management and leadership which has led to him being in charge of a battalion of more than 170 cadets.

Lynsey Fleming, a senior at North High and the Corps Command Sergeant Major, talked about how JROTC has saved her life.

“JROTC has given me structure, core beliefs, a sense of belonging, friendships and my own sense of self,” said Fleming. “My wish for you is for you to understand the importance and life-affirming purpose this program has instilled in me.”

Cadet private Josephine Garcia, a Mead Middle School sixth grader, talked about learning self-discipline from her involvement in the leadership program.

“A lot of kids struggle with self-discipline,” Garcia said. “Leadership class encourages us to use the perfect balance of discipline and courage which will help further us in life.”

There are more than 2,530 cadets in the JROTC and Leadership programs. Last year, the cadets performed 17,251 hours of community service.

This is the 23rd year for the Superintendent’s Breakfast.