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Pando Initiative

We connect with students to help them engage and thrive in education and their future.

We position dedicated professionals in each of our schools to connect community resources with the students and families and create a personalized plan which identifies and builds upon student assets/strengths and addresses the following areas.

  • school attendance
  • basic needs (food, clothing, school supplies)
  • behavior (poor social skills as evidenced by bullying, poor communication, loss/grief, as well as lack of soft skills such as initiative, persistence, and perseverance)
  • poor academic achievement (homework completion, credit completion)

We endeavor to create school climates where teachers can teach and students are teachable by removing roadblocks to school engagement.

If you find yourself in need of assistance, please call or email your Franklin Pando Initiative with questions.







Janessa Crittenden
Team Lead
Franklin Elementary (Check and Connect)