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Longhorn Roundup

Continuing Attendance Incentive for Chisholm Trail

Goal is to continue to improve student attendance this year.

Two years ago, we had a large number of students that were chronically absent and late for school. We need students to be here to learn and while illnesses, emergencies, and some appointments are unavoidable, we want all families to strive to support us in this effort.

Last year we implemented the program below, and improved with fewer absences, fewer chronic absences, fewer tardies, and fewer "early-outs". We are continuing this program this school year!

Each classroom will earn a letter to spell out LONGHORNS each day they have PERFECT attendance. No late arrivers, no early leavers, and no absences. When they have earned ten letters, the class will get an extra recess. At the end of each quarter, the class that earned the most letters will get a pizza party!!